Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Time = Best snow cones EVER!

Two days ago, I got the best news! Our snow cone place is now open for the season!!!

What's more exciting than that??


Well, maybe my birthday...which is in 3 days, by the way!!

The kids are just as excited about the snow cones as I am! Maybe not as excited, but pretty close...

we are constantly getting asked if these two are twins...nope, just the same size!

Laney, Jake, and Cody

Cole and his snow cone dripping down his face. It's a good thing I get him the clear kind...

When I was taking a picture of him, he walked right up to the camera before it went off. Hello close up!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flat Stanley's Spring Break trip

Flat Stanley went to New York City over Spring Break.

Here is the note he sent to Cody:

Dear Cody,
I had so much fun in New York City! I got to ride in a cab, on a subway, and did LOTS of walking around the city. I stayed in a hotel in Times Square, and I got to see some really cool things while I was there. Pam took me to FAO Schwarz to play, Central Park, to the Statue of Liberty, and the top of the Empire State Building! She even let me take my picture with a Statue of Liberty street performer. My favorite part of the trip was going to a restaurant called Serendipity to have some Frozen Hot Chocolate. Thanks so much for letting me visit such a cool city! I can't wait for my trip to Disney World!
Flat Stanley

Along with the pictures from his adventures...

On the subway

At Central Park

Playing at FAO Schwarz

Statue of Liberty Green M&M!

At Serendipity for some frozen hot chocolate

Flat Stanley with the Statue of Liberty

What's cooler than getting your picture taken with a street performer?

Thanks Aunt Pammie, Cody said Stanley had a great time and that he can't wait to go to Disney World with you this month!

More of Stanley's adventures in other places to come!

If you're feeling left out and would like to take Stanley some place cool, just let me know. Cody is all about coloring him to fit where he is going to visit!

Monday, March 29, 2010

T-ball Tournament

I know it's been a few days, but we've been very busy. Cody had his first t-ball tournament this weekend, so I haven't been around the computer much.

The boys did great for it being their first time. We played four games total and by the fourth game, the boys were done. It was late, they were tired, and they're only five. By the last game, they were running around like crazy. It's like they completely forgot what to do.

Needless to say, the parents were not so upset that they lost. I don't think the boys would have lasted for a 5th game.

Because they use a real baseball in the tournaments, instead of the softer baseballs like in their league games, the pitcher has as to wear a helmet. Cody could barely see when the ball was coming at him!

Word of advice, don't call his name in the middle of the game to look at the camera. He missed the ball on this one...oops

Cody playing catcher.

I took the picture fast so the camera focused on the fence, but you get the idea.

Cade before heading to the ball fields for the second day

They all had fun and that's all that matters.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When the _____ hits the fan

Lately, that's the only place it hasn't hit! I have had my fair share of "dirtiness" the past few weeks. If I never had to clean up "dirty" again, I would be the happiest person alive.

I have no idea what has gotten into my children. The three year old refuses to go on the potty and the one year old's diapers are not staying together. It is ridiculous!

Last week I went to change Cole and realized one of the tabs broke off his diaper. When I went to clean him up, I realized the "dirty" was no longer in his diaper. I had a little bit of hope that maybe, possibly, there wasn't really any in there to begin with. That hope diminished when I saw the smear down his leg where it obviously rolled out.

I searched this house for an hour and could not find it. I couldn't smell it either (which is a shocker coming from that child). I gave up and thought maybe the dog got to it.

Fast forward a week and a half.

I was putting up clothes in my room and noticed a tiny smear mark on my window seat. I thought it was mud at first, but then realized I'm in Oklahoma...that smear mark wasn't red and therefore could not have been mud! Nasty.

I started looking around and guess what I found under my bed?? Yep, the hidden treasure. No idea how that one was not found but it was under TJ's side of the bed and he is oblivious to everything!

Seriously though, the dog doesn't even have accidents in the house!! To make matters worse, that same day, I noticed Connor (one of the kids I watch) had something stuck to the bottom of his foot. Definitely not red mud either! Are you kidding me?

I'm a clean person, I truly am. My boys are clean kids. So why is this happening to me? I have scrubbed this whole house and have not found any more "dirty" and I pray we are done with it.

Oh, I promise it's not like this all the time. Anyone is more than welcome to come stay at my house...just watch where you step!

Monday, March 22, 2010

From sunny to snowy...

Three days after our beautiful, St. Patrick's Day weather, our snow storm hit. Hey, it mixed things up a bit and the kids had something new to do...

We went from Meghan wearing her bathing suit top around the house acting like a kitty

to the kids bundled up in their winter gear once again.

What is up with that?

They sure are cute in their little hats and coats though, I'll give them that!



Even Aunt Chandler looked cute

St. Patrick's Day

I woke up Wednesday morning and, being the awesome mom and aunt that I am (no one said that? Oh, it must just be me), I made green eggs, biscuits with green gravy, and green milk for the kiddos.

Now, doesn't that look delicious!?!

Well, the kids thought so at least...

We went downtown for St. Patty's Day. Since we went at noon, not much was happening, but the kids had a great time dancing and running around and the green beer tastes just as good at noon as it does at night.

I'm green, are you?

Cole and our little friend Connor in our green wagon
(we're not nearly that festive, it was just a coincidence)

What a handsome guy

Um, something's a little wrong with this picture...

Cole, Shelby, Meghan, and Darby

Cade showing off his dancing skills.

That's a mighty big turkey leg for such a little girl!

Meghan chowing down on her turkey leg

The girls with their shamrock headbands

Meghan, Chandler, Shelby, and McKinly

All that dancing sure wore Cade out. The dirty ground looked like a good spot for a cat nap I guess!

The older girls babysat the little kids that night and Leslie, TJ and I went out with some friends. Let's just say TJ does not do the best Frank Sinatra when singing karaoke...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Snow Storm

We had an unexpected snow storm hit us yesterday. Luckily it was at the end of spring break and luckily (for me) my family got snowed in so they couldn't travel back to Texas.

Chandler and I made the best of what we had and went and played in the snow.

Who says we have to act like grown ups, right?

Chandler making her snowball.

Yes, she is totally wearing my letter jacket. We didn't know it was going to snow, so she came a little unprepared and found my letter jacket in the closet, so of course that's the one she chose to wear...

Chandler and Me in the snow

Chandler was really excited to make a snow angel

Her angel!

Hey, she's from Houston...they don't get much snow down there!

Chandler and I throwing snowballs at the house. We thought it was funny because it looked like spitwads all over the brick. Like I said, who needs to act like grown ups?

our spitwads...

Aunt Chandler and Cody

Mommy and Cody

Unfortunately, the roads were cleaned up enough for them to leave today :( I sure miss my family!

I'm finally able to upload pictures, but only one at a time. It's taking a very long time but I promise to get the other posts finished...eventually.

Spring Break

I know I have not posted in about a week but that's because blogger isn't letting me upload pictures. My family has been in town this week and so I have tons of pictures to post but it's taking too long to upload my photos.

Oh, and we're getting about a foot of snow tomorrow. It was 70 here yesterday and it's in the thirties here tonight. Awesome!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Future President

I think I have mentioned before that Cody is really into his presidents. Ever since they talked about them at school the week of President's Day, Cody has wanted to learn more about them.

This has been hanging on the wall at school. It just came home today in his folder.

His teacher said all the other ones were about things for themselves (If I were president, I would make sure I had a lot of toys, etc.).

My son's was about making everyone else happy!

That's my boy!

Here's to our future president! The first president everyone is going to like because his mama wont put up with anyone talking bad about him!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Project for you!

OK, here's the deal. A few months back on a rainy day, Cody's teacher started reading them Flat Stanley. He's only in Pre-K, but they were learning about transportation and she thought it would be fun just to read it to them.

With Cody, you can't just read him something without a million questions to follow. Cody was very into the book so we checked it out at the library and are now on the second one.

I am a little Flat Stanleyed out, but Cody is no where close. He loves the books! What he really loves though, is seeing where Flat Stanley has gone!

See where I'm going with this?

We e-mailed a Flat Stanley that Cody colored to Tasha who lives in China. She was going on some trips and we thought she needed some company.

So far, Stanley has been to Cambodia, Thailand, The Great Wall of China (actually he didn't go but Cody wanted to know if Stanley was there, so we told him he was in her backpack...what can I say, I'm a liar!), Australia, and New Zealand.

Stanley also got to go swimming with marine life since Tasha and Curt were smart enough to laminate him and take him diving with them!

aren't these pictures the coolest?

Well Cody thinks so and he keeps asking where else can Stanley go! So, everyone gets to help out!


All you have to do is send me your e-mail address or address so I can e-mail or mail you a Stanley. You don't have to take him any place special, but it would be cool if you would. It doesn't matter if someone in your state is already taking pictures, the more pictures the better!!! It can be just a picture of Stanley with your kids or a pet if you want or someone famous...that would be cool. We just need to know what City and State the picture was taken.

I am going to make a book out of this when we're through. There is not a time frame so if you're traveling in the next few months and want to take him along, just let me know and we'll be waiting for pictures.

Cody wants to see how many places his Stanley can go. He is super excited and can't wait to start getting pictures back. You just have to e-mail me the pictures and I'll upload them to make the book!

So, who's with me? Anyone is welcome encouraged to participate! Please, would you really say no to this cute, little face?

Plus, we'll repay the favor...we're cool like that!

I will be posting pictures as they come in. Let's all help Cody get the most Stanley pictures EVER!

My e-mail address is Let me know where to send it!

If you have a blog, send a link over here or re-post this to help get more photos of Stanley. If you want to forward an e-mail about it, that's cool too. Cody just wants pictures of Stanley "Everywhere in the World!"

Oh and Katy, Cody colored a new one for you because he said Stanley's ninja outfit was too hot for California. He wanted him in some shorts! I need to know if you want me to e-mail it to you or mail him to you.

Ready. Set. Go!