Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I love buying things with the boy's names on them.  I just like personalized things I guess.  That's why I love these bracelets I ordered from Reminder Band.  They're colorful, durable, and not too girly (unless you get the girly colors which I had to talk Cade out of...luckily he settled on blue).




All three...

The white part on the bracelets glow in the dark...just another fun plus for the boys!

Cody wanted to wear his to school today so I'm hoping it makes it back.  If not, at least it lasted a day! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


Cole is standing, but still not walking.  He can pull up to a standing position with out touching anything but he just wont take more than two steps.  He still prefers to crawl everywhere.

Thanks to the cooler weather though, we were finally able to pull out some fall clothes...and a wooden spoon.  For some reason, Cole loves to play with the kitchen utensils.  Hey, whatever keeps him quiet!

He really needs to learn to walk because his pants attract way more dog hair when he crawls!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 year Reunion

We drove to The Woodlands this weekend for my 10 year reunion.  We had a great time and I really enjoyed getting to see everyone again!  I just can't believe there were so many people there I didn't even get to talk to!  Oh well, maybe at the 20th!

Cole and Aunt Chandler taking an early nap Saturday

We met Bronwyn up at Market Street for lunch on Saturday.

The boys, once again, played in the fountains

Bronwyn, Pam, me, and Tasha

Before the reunion, we met up for some drinks

Pam, Matt, Julie, and Tasha

Amy and me at the reunion

Amy, Randi, TJ and me

Pam, Tasha, and me

Bronwyn, Julie, and Zach

Tasha and Jason

Mary Kyle, Erin, Kelly, me, Tasha, and Julie

In advance, sorry Kelly for using this picture but it's the only one I had.  If you have a better one, send it to me but I had to post it...how did Pam not end up in this picture?  She was in there with us too!)

Mary Kyle, Erin, TJ, me, and Kelly

Julie fell pretty hard toward the end of the night and tried to catch herself on TJ's chair, but the chair buckled and so she brought TJ down with her!  Luckily, Jason grabbed the camera because this was hilarious...

We got in late Saturday night but still managed to wake up Sunday and meet me family for breakfast.  We are never a small group when we get together...

I hate leaving there but I know I'll be back in three short weeks for fall break!  The boys didn't even miss us because they were so entertained.  Cade got to spend the evening by himself with Aunt Chandler and Nana while Cody and Cole played with Grandpa Buck and Grandma Kathie...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Instead of boring you with details, I will just let you enjoy some pictures of our busy last couple of weeks...

Cole got his chair for his 1st birthday to complete the set.

He loves it!

The kids love Frontier City so we have been trying to go as much as possible before it starts getting cold.

Waiting in line...

Cody was excited to get to ride with the big boys.

We went to Norman where the kids got to see TJ's name on a plaque for Gymnastics

We went to Austin for a wedding and the boys had fun staying in a hotel

Nana, Aunt Chandler, Tasha, and Vicki met us up in Austin to see us!!

Cody, Cade, and Vicki

T.J. and Me at the wedding

We also got to visit with my cousin, Robby while we were there...

We have been enjoying the last few visits from the ice cream man

Cade sharing with Coley

The boys enjoying their ice cream

Cade with his skirt.  Snow cones and khaki shorts don't mix!

...and with the start of football season, we threw a party for TJ's birthday and watched the OU game!

We have been extremely busy and our schedule doesn't look like it's calming down anytime soon.

Cody has already had two baseball games this season, Ty takes tennis lessons twice a week, McKinly is still in horseback and starts Volleyball on Tuesday.

We will be heading to Houston in a couple weeks for my 10 year reunion but I hope to update the blog a few times before then.  I promise, when things settle down, I'll be able to stay on top of the blog!  Until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures I do post :)