Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Six Weeks Old

Tomorrow Cole will be six weeks old. I can't believe it was six weeks ago that we got to meet my handsome little man. I don't know if it's because I have had three children in four short years, but Cole is the easiest baby.

He is content just laying on his boppy pillow looking around or even taking his naps. He fusses a little when he starts to get hungry but once I feed him, he's back to being his perfect little self. At night, he falls asleep around nine, I wake him at eleven to give him his bottle, then he goes right back to sleep and wakes up again between 7 and 8 the next morning! I couldn't ask for a better little guy. He has made this whole "three kids under the age of four" thing a breeze! If all babies were like this, I'd recommend it to everyone!

People keep telling me to give it time, he wont always be this easy going. However, Cody and Cade both were pretty easy going as well and unless they're sick, they don't give me all that much trouble. (I say that as Cade is whining at my feet because he wants me to hold him but that is because the poor guy doesn't feel well).

The boys love their little brother and I can't picture our life without him.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Actually, he's more of a Prince but that's not the point. I just want it to be known, that on this day, at the age of 4 weeks and 5 days old...

Cole slept ALL.NIGHT.LONG!!!

I know it's not something that will happen every night, but it's a start! He has now been sleeping for a full nine hours and he's still fast asleep!

After I made sure he was still breathing (because let's face it, it's a little scary the first time you wake up and realize the baby never woke up) I text messaged a few people to let them know.

Um yeah, sorry to those I might have woken up with news that could have waited but I'm just not that nice!

Oh, and the picture above is not a picture from last night. First of all, I wouldn't let him sleep all night like that and second, I'm not taking the chance of the flash waking him up!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cade's First Haircut

Cade's hair was getting out of control. It's not that it was extremely long but when people started joking that he had a comb over (he's not bald on top, his hair was just long enough to comb to the side) I decided it was time to get a little trim.

He hated it at first. Wanted NO part of it.

Until they handed him a sucker.

Once the newness of the sucker wore off, he hated it again.

Even though it was a bigger ordeal than we had wanted, he sure came out of it looking like a little man!

I forgot my camera at home so these cell phone pictures will have to suffice.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Get them away from me!!

Poor Cole, it's tough being loved so much!

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Tough Love, Baby

I have always believed in "tough love". When my boys get hurt, start fighting or anything along those lines, I'm one to let them work it out on their own. I tell them to shake it off when they fall down or hit their head. The only time I make a big deal out of it is if they're bleeding.

Mostly because I don't want it on my white carpet.

It's worked out well for us, the boys are tougher because of it and I don't have to drop everything the second one slightly bumps his head. Some people don't agree with this parenting strategy (like the lady at Ty's soccer game Friday night who picked Cade up after he bumped his head because I told her he was fine, but I guess she decided he wasn't) but when you have a house full of boys, you have to pick and choose what is worth your attention.

The boys get along really well...when they want to. They look out for one another and they come tell me if the other is hurt. They have grown up knowing what needs my attention and what doesn't.

I love that Cody and Cade are getting older. They are starting to play with the same toys, watch the same shows, and are having a great time hanging out with each other these days. As much as I look forward to all three of them being very close because they are so close in age, I can't help but pray Cole stays a baby for as long as possible.

I have never been one to want time to just stand still. I like the newborn stage but I love when they get old enough to move around and you really can watch them learn and figure new things out. However, I can't say I want that with Cole. I guess because I know he truely is my last baby (unless I'm one of the very few the surgery doesn't work on which wouldn't surprise me knowing our luck) I really do want time to stand still with him. He is just so sweet, so perfect in every way. He is just such a good baby and there is nothing I can really complain about.

One day he will be big like his brothers. He will get in trouble and I will have to discipline him. But for now, I can pretend he will always be this sweet and perfect!

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Circle of toes

Friday, August 15th was not the best day for me. I was supposed to meet my baby that day and my sister, Leslie and her family were all supposed to be here to greet Cole the day he was born. Aunt Pammy was flying in that night to meet him as well.

We all know that plan didn't pan out and we had to enjoy the weekend with each other but without a baby. My husband wanted to do whatever it took to make me happy since he knew I was having a crappy day...to put it lightly!

So, what would be better than to leave the kids with him and BRENT, the best brother-in-law in the world, while the rest of us headed out to get our toes done. The five of us pretty much took over the whole place but we left with the most beautiful toes...don't you think??

Clockwise: Me with the jeans, Aunt Pammy, McKinly, Shelby, and Aunt Leslie

Seriously, Leslie and Shelby...get some sun on those feet!!

*I finally posted the toe picture, are you happy now Leslie??*

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Bet

T.J. and I make friendly bets all the time. I just lost a bet to him a few weeks ago and he has yet to let me forget. He is thinking he is going to win our most recent bet as well.

Most people know our four oldest children all have blue eyes. Some brighter than others but blue nonetheless. What some people don't know is both Cathy (McKinly and Ty's mom) and I have brown eyes. Brown eyes are supposed to be dominant. T.J. just has really strong genes and has given his blue eyes to all of his children.





Just to make things interesting, I have told him Cole will have brown eyes. T.J. strongly disagrees but I just think, at some point, the trend has to end. Since Cole is our last child, I have told T.J. he will be the one to have the brown eyes.

What do you think?? Is there a chance Cole will have an eye color other than blue or will T.J.'s genes hold out once again??

Don't tell my husband, but I really do hope Cole's eyes are blue...it's a much prettier color than brown. However, I do like to be right...it's a toss up!

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday T.J.

Today was T.J.'s 36th birthday. It's only downhill to 40 from here! I can't believe he's getting so old! :)

We didn't do too much for his birthday. All he wanted was to catch up on sleep. He has been pretty tired since school started.

I don't know what he has to complain about, he's not waking up with a newborn three times a night! But, being the perfect wife that I am, I let him sleep in and then he got to take a long nap in the afternoon.

I wanted to take him out to dinner but he said he was too tired and just wanted to hang around the house. He's getting boring in his old age!

Happy Birthday, T.J. We all love you no matter how old you get!

Cade was a little unsure about the whole thing

Cody was excited to have cake

Cole, on the other hand, was bored with everyone

He slept through all of daddy's festivities. Then again, he pretty much sleeps all the time right now! He sure is cute though!

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