Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween From...

Batman, Robin, and The Joker!

It was just the three little ones for Halloween again this year so we took it easy.

We ordered our special Pumpkin shaped Pizzas again...

made sure all our pumpkins looked like Pirates (thanks to Cody)...

went trick-or-treating in style...

saw a cool "vote" pumpkin...

admired all the little trick-or-treaters...

ate LOTS of chocolate...

took pictures with the neighbors cool decorations...

and then called it a night!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Hat

Saturday morning I had to run to Old Navy to pick something up and while we were in there, Cade found a little hat he just had to have. He put it on his head and would not take it off. The sales lady even had to scan it while it was on his head in order for him not to scream.

He wore the hat everywhere we went and I have to admit, he looked pretty cute!

Eating snacks at sissy's volleyball game

watching Sissy serve the ball

Playing with toys

He even wore it to Laney's birthday party

"you really think you're gonna get me to take it off??"

Just relaxin' at the party

Then again, today, he wanted the hat back on. I think I will have to get him a few more because he gets so excited when he gets to wear it...what a goober!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Break: Part Two

I am finally getting around to writing about the second part of our trip down to Houston.

After we left my brother's house Thursday morning, we drove to my sister's house where we were going to spend the rest of the trip. It also happened to be my niece's 5th birthday.

That night we celebrated Meghan's birthday at Fajita Jacks. My sister's in-laws were kind enough to treat everyone. (Thanks Dan and Gilda!)

Gilda wouldn't give up holding Cole so Dan helped feed her!

There were about 15 of us there so it got a little crazy. The kids had fun playing around the fountains though.

The next day, we had to start getting ready for Meghan's birthday party on Saturday. She was having a Halloween party so we were making all Halloween themed food.

Our finished products on Saturday:

There were bread bones

Carmel Apple Cupcakes

White chocolate covered Brownie eye balls

Witch's Brooms

...and a few other fun treats.

The kids loved being able to dress up in their Halloween costumes for the party.

Ty was Darth Vader while Andrew was Captain Rex

Cade as the Joker

Meghan was Wonder Woman and Cody Batman

Baby Cole was Robin

Not only did the kiddos get to dress up but Meghan had a bounce house at her party as well.

McKinly being a goofball

Aunt Chandler and Aunt Leslie after their turn

Joker was afraid of it but he had fun playing around it

And Grandpa had fun holding Robin

but that's not saying much because he also had fun playing with Meghan's dolls

McKinly and Aunt Leslie enjoyed (maybe a little too much) attacking Uncle Clay with Silly String

Cole was just happy getting passed around from person to person. But once Tasha got a hold of him, it was hard for anyone else to get him :) She did share...when she had to!

The party was a lot of fun and the kids played for hours. As my brother-in-law put it..."they ate lots of junk and jumped until they couldn't jump anymore, so they jumped some more"

That was completely true because the whole next day, Cody threw up. He woke up not feeling well and when we finally got the car loaded to head back north, he started throwing up and didn't stop the whole trip home! When we finally got to the house he started feeling a little more like himself but it made for an awesome car ride!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes, I am a dork

So, today High School Musical 3 came out in theaters. I enjoyed the other two so I was really looking forward to seeing this one. I had figured I would take McKinly, but her mom decided she was going to take her so I was stuck with no one to go with. I couldn't really go by myself, that would just be awkward. My weekend is completely packed so I really wouldn't have had time anyway!

Then I figured out there was a midnight showing on Thursday night. I also knew my niece, Ashley, would probably want to see it so I called her mom up and asked if I could take her. Liz said she didn't care so I went ahead and bought our tickets.

So last night, at 12:01 am, I saw High School Musical 3 and I really liked it. It started out a little slow, like they were trying too hard, but after about twenty minutes it started to pick up and I had a great time. There were definitely a lot of screaming girls there...mostly high school and college girls who didn't want to be "seen" seeing the movie, but who also wanted to be the first.

And if that weren't enough to prove how big of a dork I am...after the show, Ashley and I ran to Wal-Mart at three in the morning to buy the soundtrack.

I think my husband is embarrassed of me but I don't was fun and I don't get to go out that much, even if it is to see a Disney Musical!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Break: Part One

On Wednesday night, we headed down to Houston for Fall Break. We didn't go all the way to The Woodlands that night because we decided to spend the night with my brother in Centerville. He hadn't had the chance to see Cole yet and neither had my nieces.

Since he owns a bunch of land now, the kids had a great time while we were there. We arrived late Wednesday night but that didn't stop them from checking out the place. What better way than on a John Deere Gator.

Ty wasn't really driving. I did let him steer at one point while I worked the pedals. I probably would have let him if Chelsi hadn't gotten into a pretty bad accident, while driving it, just a few weeks prior. She was do I put it...stupid!!

She had this brilliant idea to race her cousin, who was driving a golf cart, at night with the headlights off. Let's just say she got in a fight with a barbed wire fence and the fence won.

This is how it turned out...

She still has scars all down her neck but they are starting to lighten up. If you look closely, you can see one in this picture with Cole.

The next morning, when the kids woke up, the first thing they wanted to do was go fishing. McKinly caught two, Ty caught one, and TJ caught a fat one. I didn't go with them on this outing because I had Cade and Cole back at the house with me so there are no pictures of the fishing adventure.

When they got back, Carl showed the boys his bow and arrow. He does have real ones that he goes hunting with, but luckily this one was only good for shooting a target on a haystack.

Daddy teaching Cody how to shoot

yes Cody is still in his jammies and his daddy let him go fishing like this as well.

Ty pretty much got the hang of it right away

Cade just wanted to go back to sleep

We didn't get to stay there very long. Everything they got to do was done between Wednesday night at 10:30 pm and 10:00am on Thursday. We would have stayed longer but my brother thought his work and the girl's school was more important! He said we could have hung out at the house by ourselves but where's the fun in that??

Once we left Carl's, we headed to my sister's house. That is where we stayed the remainder of our trip but I will wait to post about that tomorrow. This one is long enough already.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 Months Old

Yesterday Cole turned two months old. The time is going by way too fast and I want him to just stay little (now that he's sleeping through the night).

He is so happy. If you talk to him, he'll just smile and make cooing sounds like he's trying to talk back. He is a perfect little baby.

His eye is finally starting to get better. We have gone two whole nights without him waking up with bright green junk covering his left eye. I guess it is something he just has to outgrow.

I only have one complaint...the kid pees more than any child I know. Almost every night, he leaks through his clothes. I have tried bigger diapers but his legs are so skinny it just goes out the side. Since he does sleep through the night, I can't change him in the middle of the night (I'm not about to wake up if I don't have to). I do change him at 11pm but then by 7am, he's soaking wet! However, if that's all I have to complain about then I'll take it!

We went to the doctor today and here are some of his stats:

Weight: 11lbs. 9 oz. (50%)
Height: 24 in. (90%)

He's tall and skinny!

The poor baby got four shots and screamed harder than I have ever seen him cry! Poor little guy, he didn't even know it was coming :(

I will post pictures from our trip to Houston as soon as I get them off my camera. We had a great time and I can't wait to go back for Christmas!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scuba Steve Update

I think we might have to put Scuba Steve down. It is a sad day in our house, but I believe Scuba Steve has had about enough his little plastic body can take! Cody was able to handle playing with him without his head, but now he lost one of his legs too.

All Scuba Steve is good for is to sit with Cody when he watches TV. Poor Cody hasn't realized watching TV isn't doing anything for little Scuba Steve because he can't see or hear. Have I mentioned he doesn't have a head?

I blame myself really. It's my fault for letting him get attached to a cheap toy like that. I mean the whole set, whales and all, was only five bucks. So, if there is anyone out there who comes across a scuba diver who is worthy enough to be considered Scuba Steve 2, let me know. Or pick it up for the little guy for Christmas. You just might help him make a new best friend!

Monday, October 13, 2008

and now I lay me down to sleep...

After church last week, the boys came home absolutely exhausted. I don't know what they had them doing in kids church, but all I know is they came home and passed out...all three of them!

two on the couch

one on the kitchen floor

I swear that cup only had juice in it...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sundays = Uncle Jonathan

Every Sunday Uncle Jonathan comes over for family dinners. We used to have them with Uncle Carl and the girls as well but they decided to get up and move away...I'm not bitter or anything.

The boys LOVE when Uncle Jonathan comes over to play. Who wouldn't?? It's entertainment for at least a full two hours!! It's even better when Jilly, his girlfriend, comes with him because then the boys have one on one entertainment.

They wrestle

play airplane

throw the boys up in the air...sometimes upside down

and just act silly most of the time.

For the next two weekends we wont get to have family dinners because Uncle Jonathan and Jilly will be out of town and then we'll be out of town. So, I guess they'll just have to make up for it when we all get back together. I hope the boys don't go through Uncle Jonathan withdrawals!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


A couple months ago, Cody got a Deep Sea toy set that came with dolphins, whales, sharks, etc. He loves this little play set so much. He can play with it in the bathtub, in his room, or take it along when we're in the car...and he does.

Well, this little play set also came with a little scuba diver. We named him Scuba Steve (like on Big Daddy) and Cody takes him everywhere. When I make him chose only one toy to take along, he usually chooses Scuba Steve.

A few days ago, Cody found Scuba Steve without a head. We don't know where he lost his head and we have yet to find it, but since Cody will not abandon his favorite little toy, he plays with a headless Scuba Steve.

Most would find that a little weird but Cody likes to be fair and according to Cody, "it's not his fault he lost his head".

My sweet little man with his headless friend!

What?? You've never seen a scuba diver without a head??

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Come Follow Us

Let us know who is out there reading our blog. Click on the "Follow this Blog" link on the side bar to the right and add yourself.

It doesn't take long and it would make me feel better as to who is out there reading this. Our site meter shows a lot of people reading our blog from day to day and I only know a handful of them.

Thanks, it will be fun!

Pumpkin Pickin'

Yesterday Jen and I decided, at the last minute, to take the kids to the pumpkin patch. We were talking and realized we were busy for the next few weekends and it was the only chance to take the kids. I felt kind of bad because McKinly and Ty weren't with us this weekend so they were going to have to miss out, but it's hard to plan things only on the weekends we have them. Cole didn't get to go either because I left him at home with Daddy. Next year he'll be old enough to appreciate it more.

The kids had a great time, I was worried they were going to be over tired since they were skipping their nap but they behaved very well and had a blast.

Cade trying to get a better look

How tall is Cody?

Cade loved the pedal cars

Mining for pretty rocks

Cade just liked playing in the water

Cody feeding the goats

Cade loved the piggie statue

we've got to do something about this kid's hair, it's wild

Taking it all in from the top of the slide

Cody and Laney at the rubber ducky races

We took a train ride around the farm that the boys loved. By this time the kids were tired and dirty so we decided to hop on the hayride to go pick out our pumpkins and then call it a day.

Cody and Cade waiting for the hayride to start

Cade was so tired. He loved the hayride though and was only a little scared when we'd go over a big bump. You can see him holding on to Cody's shirt.

He was very excited to pick out the perfect pumpkin

ahh, he found just the right one

Cade and Brady with their Pumpkins

Cody with his pumpkin on the hayride back. He was very tired and not in the mood to take a picture.

Cade on the hayride back.
Look, I actually made it into a picture...part of me at least

Once again, they were out before we left the parking lot. Cade still clutching his pumpkin!

I can't believe how much they have grown since last year!