Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opening Day

Cody had his first t-ball game today and it was...crazy.

Just imagine a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds running around on a field and the coaches expecting them to know what to do. Put it this way, on Cody's first at bat, he was running to first base when a bunch of the kids from the other team started running towards him so he took off and ran towards the opposite direction!

When he was in the outfield, he was wrestling in the grass with Tristan instead of paying attention to the game.

T.J. was trying to teach Cody to run to the nearest base when he got the ball. This worked well until Cody ran to first base then wouldn't leave because he was so proud of himself for getting there!

The funny thing is Cody probably paid more attention to the game than most of the other kids on his team. One kid started crying because he just didn't want to play any more. Another kid decided to pick up a bat and start swinging it in the tiny, cramped dugout and the worst part was, his dad just stood there. Then there was the kid who just got bored so decided to lay down on second base.

Even though there were a lot of funny, unpredictable moments, the boys all looked really cute and did a great job. They won the game and were actually incredibly well organized and obedient compared to the other team.

His shirt was huge, it was the smallest size they had

The back

Getting in position

He got it!

Just checking to make sure I was still watching

Practicing between innings. He has the green glove.

The infamous wrestling match. There was a game being played but the boys decided this would be more fun.

He sure had a great time though!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Texas Pictures and Posts

I finally have found the time to post pictures from our trip. I entered it all in backwards so you can just slowly scroll down and everything should be in order from top to bottom.

If there is anything I missed or pictures I didn't get, I'll be more than happy to travel back down there and get some more.

So, until the next time I get to go back home, here are the pictures I get to look at to remind me of my part of Texas!

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Sunday: Football, Food and Family

What could be a better combination??

Sunday afternoon, Uncle Claydough had a football game. I don't know how much of the game the boys paid attention to but they enjoyed playing in the grass and hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.

Cody and Grandpa watching the game

Cade hanging out in the grass

Cade likes showing off his tongue

Cody, Daddy and Cade watching Uncle Claydough

That night, we went to my sister's house for dinner so the boys could get to see their cousins. There sure was a lot of laughing, yelling, people picking on one another, etc. Oh yeah, the kids had fun too but were not nearly as loud as the adults.

Cody and Cade before we left

This is what Cody does when he's thinking

Cade with his cousin Shelby

Cody with Meghan's horse

Cade wanted to see the horse too

Meghan and Andrew

Aunt Leslie and Nana

Cade was just excited to explore someone else's house

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Monday: St. Patrick's Day

Monday night we celebrated St. Patrick's Day at my dad's house. They always have tons of people over at their house anyway so why not have another excuse for a party.

We ate Corned Beef and Cabbage and drank green beer and green wine ( or green milk if you're under age or a fat, pregnant chick).

Daddy and Cade


Our dinner

Cody's green tongue from his green Rice Krispie Treat

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Thursday: Fishing

We took it easy on Tuesday and Wednesday. The boys were getting pretty worn out and needed some lazy days. We just hung out and didn't do too much. But on Thursday they were ready to go again.

The whole time we were down in Texas, Cody kept asking my dad when we were going to get to go fishing. On Thursday, Cody finally got the fishing trip he wanted complete with a new Diego fishing pole.

Cody ready to go

Fishing with his Diego pole

Cody had a great time even though his fishing experience only lasted about 20 minutes before he got bored with it and headed off to go play. Either way, he had fun and will most likely bother Grandpa again to take him fishing next time we're in town.

Checking out the lake

Daddy and Aunt Chandler

It is also important to mention we only caught one fish the whole time we were out there and Grandpa was the one who reeled it in.

Cody's favorite thing to do was just go sit by his Grandpa and talk to him while he fished.

When Cody got tired, Uncle Jonathan gave him a ride on his shoulders.

We might not have caught a lot of fish, but we saw a bunch of turtles.

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Friday: Market Street

Friday we headed over to Market Street to meet up with my sister, Leslie. Cody loved playing with his cousins again. They just ran around for hours and had a great time. Tasha and her family also met us up there later on.

Meghan and Cody

Uncle Brent helping Cade walk



Cody, Meghan, and Andrew

It got a little warm so the kids headed over to the fountains.


Cody and Andrew

Waiting for the water

Cade braving the water

He felt more confident holding my hand

Cody shared his drink with his little brother

Now Andrew didn't even try to stay dry

Cade couldn't stay awake and passed out on daddy

While Cade took a nap, Cody relaxed with his feet in the water

Oh, and here's a little tip...

If the sunscreen bottle is expired, even by just a few months, don't use it! It wont work! This is how Cade looked when we got back home, nice and red!

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