Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Turner Falls 2010

Holy cow, Batman...blogger actually let me upload some pictures...

Our annual Turner Falls trip was awesome as usual, but we also got to stay the whole weekend with my sister and her family. We usually only go down for the Turner Falls part, but this time we decided to crash her in-laws reunion! Something we might have to do every year now!

The weather was perfect, the water was pretty, and to say the kids had a blast would be an understatement.

Coley man!

Cody swimming all by himself

Cade became a pro with his floaty ring

Watch out, Aunt Chandler is serious when it comes to her water shooter!

Cole trying to cool himself off

McKinly and Cody floating down the river to the Blue Hole

Aunt Chandler, Coley and Aunt Leslie


Cody a little apprehensive about jumping of the diving board

but he did it!!!

Ty flipping off the diving board

After they worked up an appetite at the Blue Hole, we headed back to where the watermelon was...

Cade taking his time eating his piece

Cody enjoyed bigger bites...

Cole was not a shy eater when it came to his watermelon. He did not even come up for a breather...

Sweet Meghan

Is my tongue red?

After Turner Falls, we headed down to Gainsville where the Reunion was held.

McKinly and Ty working on their crafts

Ty sporting a mohawk in the pool

The kids had a blast and loved getting to stay in the hotel. You walked out our door and the pool was right there. Next year my sister wont be able to make the reunion because she'll be in Europe (poor girl), however we're still thinking of crashing the reunion anyway. We can consider ourselves part of their family, right?

Here are some links to past years at Turner Falls. I can't believe how big they are gettting! 2008 and 2007. I have no idea where 2009 is, but I know I have pictures somewhere.


I am done trying to upload pictures on here. It still is only letting me do one or two at a time. It takes way too long. I am trying to figure something else out. Until then, there are a lot of pictures up on facebook if you're on there. I will try and figure something out as soon as possible.