Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Japanese Steakhouse

Last night we went to Sumo, a Japanese Steakhouse, for my niece Keli's birthday. It's one of Cody's favorite places. He LOVES to watch them cook and he really enjoys the food (even sushi). Last night he even played along with the cook. (the cook would throw an egg up in the air and catch it in his hat then look at Cody and ask where it went. Cody would look at the tray of eggs next to the cook and say, "there it is". The cook didn't specify which egg he was looking for.) Everyone thought Cody was pretty funny.

It was McKinly's first time to go. She really enjoyed it. She was a little nervous about the food but once she tasted it, she ended up liking it. She said she wants to go back for her birthday. Ty decided not to go with us because he said he wouldn't eat anything there so he didn't want to go. I think he would have had fun, but when I showed him the pictures when we got back, he said "yuck" and he was happy he decided to stay with his mommy. Hopefully when he gets a little older, he'll enjoy a more variety of foods.

Cody eating an egg, that was thrown at him, with his chopsticks

McKinly trying to catch a piece of egg in her mouth

Cody dipping his shrimp in the sauce

Stopping to have a quick chopsticks fight with Daddy

Cade enjoying sitting on Uncle Carl's lap

McKinly enjoying Keli's fried ice cream

Cody really loves this place

McKinly wearing Keli's birthday hat

Cody just didn't want to leave

Uncle Clay finally convinced him with a piggy back ride

We then headed over to Uncle Carl and Aunt Lizard's house to watch the birthday girl open presents and eat some yummy ice cream cake.

The birthday girl, Keli

McKinly enjoying the cake

Cody having fun eating his cake too

We love going there and if it wasn't so expensive, we'd go there a lot more. I think Cody likes it even more than McDonald's.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rice Cereal

We tried giving Cade a little rice cereal for the first time last night. He has been so content with his formula we hadn't tried until now. It didn't really go over all that well. He shut his mouth and wanted no part of it. I think I got maybe two bites down him and both times he made an awful face. He was also extremely tired so that might have had something to do with it. We'll try again in a couple of days.

Cade with more food on his face than he got in his mouth

Did I mention he was pretty tired?

Monday, June 25, 2007


Cade loves his new Bumbo chair. He gets very excited when we put him in it. You can tell he's not too sure about holding his head up for long periods at a time, but we're working on it!

Cade's first time in the chair. He wasn't sure what to do with his head.

By the next day, he started figuring it out.

Cade wasn't the only one who thought the chair was fun!

The Boys watching T.V. in their chairs

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Turner Falls

*Sorry this one is a little long but there are lots of pictures* On Friday we made our annual trip to Turner Falls. (For those who don't know, we go every year to meet Leslie, Brent and the little ones because they're there for their family reunion). Our trip was a little different this year. It was storming when we first got there so we thought we were not going to get to swim long. We visited a little and once the cars were loaded back up and the tubes deflated, the sun came out. So, we unpacked everything and blew the tubes back up and off to the water we went.

McKinly in the freezing water before the storm hit

Cody a little upset he got rained on (he should be, it poured on all of us)

McKinly and Ty playing with the tubes while it was raining outside

Uncle Brent doing the Ceremonial "dunk" since Cade had never been to Turner Falls before. Cade enjoyed it a lot more than Cody did the first time Uncle Brent put him in the water.

Flashback: This is a picture of Uncle Brent and Cody the first time Cody went to Turner Falls.

Back to the present time.
Shelby and Cody playing by the water

Cody Throwing rocks in the water. He enjoyed this more than swimming

Cody, Meghan, and Uncle Brent

Ty tubing down some little rocks

Aunt Leslie sharing her snow cone with Cade. Mrs. Gilda was brave to hold him while he ate the RED snow cone!

Cody and Meghan sharing their snow cones. I thought I was smart by getting him the clear one but Meghan decided to feed him her blue one. Oh well, it was fun watching them.

Shelby and McKinly tubing down the river.

They then saw Hope fall out of her tube on these rocks, so they decided to get out and walk! Smart girls!

They made their way to what they call the "Blue Hole" where they have a slide and diving board. McKinly has always been a bit scared of the steep slide, but this year she decided to give it a try and she had a blast. We were very proud of her for trying it!!!

Here she is in mid air right before she hit the water!

Cade's just hanging out

Aunt Leslie, Meghan, and Cody on the bridge

Aunt Leslie and Shelby giving Cade kisses before we left

Fun times were had by all and we can't wait to go back next year. In fact, we might try and go camping there this summer when Nana, Aunt Chandler and Shelby come and stay this summer. Aunt Chandler didn't get to go this year and the kids have so much fun there we might try and go for a weekend. Plus, Daddy hasn't been able to go for the past three years so it's about time we get him going down that slide with McKinly!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Go Cade, Go!

It's Cade's new balancing act. He looks a little scared in this picture, but when T.J. first started trying to get him to balance, he was just wore on him a little. Hey, if the college thing doesn't work out for him, the circus is always a possibility!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

The kids had a great day with T.J. today. McKinly wanted to make him breakfast in bed but since T.J. doesn't eat breakfast, she decided to decorate his sandwich with edible markers!

It might look a little disgusting, but T.J. swears it doesn't taste any different.

The kids all wore matching shirts I bought from Missy Moo's Baby Boutique. Thanks Stephanie! (Poor McKinly was trying to keep Cody still and hold herself up with Cade's chair at the same time. What a great big sister!)

T.J. loved the kid's shirts and was excited about his card we gave him last night. He wanted to play poker with some friends last night so the kids and I designed his card around that. We cut and old back pocket off of a pair of old jeans. I found an old deck of cards and took out all four aces. On each ace, we put a picture of one of the kids. All the aces were placed in the pocket and the front of the pocket read, "Happy Father's Day from your pocket Aces. Good luck tonight, we hope you get some great hands" Then we put some money in there for him to play with. T.J. took the card with him to his game and showed everyone. I guess it brought him luck because he won the whole game and came home with a huge wad of cash!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Which Would You Choose?

Here's Cade while we were in Houston. He's happy, healthy, and in a great mood.

Here's Cade once we got back to Oklahoma. He's back on breathing treatments and now we have a nebulizer of our own.

Now, if it were up to me, we should just go back to Texas! Don't you think?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Last Half

Sorry I didn't get around to posting more while we were still in Houston. We were so busy! The second half of our trip was as eventful if not more than the first half.

Thursday we took it easy in order to give the boys a little time to rest. We went to the mall and had lunch with Aunt Pammy. Later that night, the boys stayed with Nana so Mommy and Daddy could go out to dinner with Tasha and Aunt Pammy.

Cody just hanging out at Nana's House

Cade Taking it Easy

Friday we had a little more excitement. We had lunch with some friends and then went to Tasha's for a swim. It was Cade's first time to swim.

That's Cody's face in the Basketball Goal

Cade's first time in the pool

On Friday, we met up with Grandma Kathie (who had been out of town all week) and Uncle Clay for lunch. Later that night, the boys stayed with Nana again so Daddy and I could go out for a little bit. We made the trip downtown to hang out with Pam and Jason. It was really fun but the drive back at 2:00 in the morning was not.

Saturday was another day of hanging out and just enjoying everyone. We were getting ready for our fishing trip to Texas City on Sunday. We got up early on Sunday and headed over to Grandpa Buck, Grandma Kathie and Uncle Clay's house. We got a late start but we eventually made it there.

Just like Daddy! T.J. and Cody before we left

Daddy and Cody fishing

Cody watching Daddy get the bait.

We didn't catch much. I caught a fish so small it shouldn't even be considered a fish and T.J. caught a crab. We were the only ones who caught anything but we had such a great time. At the end of the day, we went home with nothing but we got some great memories.

Cody eating ice cream covered in dirt and mud! He loved it.

Aunt Chandler wasn't so smart and didn't put any sunscreen on while we were fishing so she ended up a little red. Cade stayed with Tasha all day and had a blast! They went to the dog park, swimming and got to take naps together.

Aunt Chandler and Cade after we got back

Monday was our last day there. T.J. picked Ty up from the airport and we got to hear all about his exciting trip to Disney World (pictures to follow when I get them from Grandma Sandy). We ended up going to Market Street that afternoon with Aunt Pammy and the triplets. (Aunt Pammy's sister was sick so we helped her by entertaining the babies). The boys had so much fun with them playing in the water.

Ty helping by pulling the train. Notice Cody helping them cross the street.

Cody, Ty and Lathan in the water

Cody, Lauren, and Lathan. Logan wasn't feeling well so he wasn't up much for playing.

That night, we celebrated Ty's birthday at Grandpa Buck's and Grandma Kathie's house. Ty never thought he would get so many birthday parties!

Ty blowing out the candle on his cake

That was the end of our great trip. We woke up Tuesday morning and headed back to Oklahoma. When we woke up on Wednesday morning, both the boys were sick with their allergies again and both ended up coming down with a stomach virus that afternoon. Welcome back to reality! I wish we were still in Texas!