Sunday, December 28, 2008

still here...

We are still in Houston and I have a ton of pictures to post but I forgot the cord to put the pictures on the computer so they will have to wait until we get back home.  We should be heading back tomorrow but my wonderful husband is letting us stay at least another day!  

Have I mentioned how much I love it here???  

Saturday, December 20, 2008

and we're off...

That's right, tomorrow morning we are going to Houston and I can't wait.  If Cody didn't have a basketball game tonight, we would have left today.  Unfortunately I have this thing about commitments and so I can't leave his team without a player.  This would have been a time I wish he didn't feel well so we would have had a good reason to miss the game, but he feels great and so we're putting off our trip just one more day.

Which probably is a good thing because I am no where near finished packing.  So, instead of packing, I'm on the computer!   It's just not very much fun packing for five people and figuring out how I am going to fit everything in the car!  It's way more fun to play on our new laptop!

We got a new MacBook and it is awesome and very fast.  I love it!  For every kid who passes the AP test at the end of the year, TJ gets $50 and the school gets $50.  TJ had so many kids pass this year that he was able to get a new laptop, photo printer, case, and extra memory.  Merry Christmas to me :)

Ok, I guess I better go pack so we're able to leave as early as I am planning in the morning.  The laptop is coming with us so I'll be able to keep everyone updated on how our Christmas is going (although half the people who read this live in Houston so they will already know how our break is going)

This is for Uncle Doug, Aunt Veronika, Danika, and Patrik...the kids LOVED their presents.  It might have been easier for you to have shipped them down to Houston in the first place because all the toys are making the trip down there anyway.  We had them go ahead and open them so they could do so with McKinly and Ty since they are staying here with their mom.  Cody and Cade have not stopped playing with their toys since they opened them last night and McKinly and Ty are saving their gift cards until after Christmas so they can buy themselves the presents they wanted that they didn't get :).  The kids all say thank you very much!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scuba Steve Update 2

We haven't really talked about Scuba Steve lately because I had put him up for a while.  He has been safely tucked away in Cody's "box"of memories.

Well today Cody came running in the room excited because he had found both of Scuba Steve's arms and one of his legs.  He was so happy that I had to dig Scuba Steve out of hiding.  I explained to him that Scuba Steve still wasn't in the best of shape and we'll have to put him back in the "box" but he could go ahead and sleep with him tonight.

A few minutes later he came in and said, "I really wish we had another scuba diver I could play with, I would name him Diver Doug."

Diver Doug is the name of the scuba diver on Dive Olly Dive.

This is where I need help.  I would love for him to get a 'Diver Doug' for Christmas (It doesn't have to be the actual guy, just any scuba diver.)  Does anyone know where to find one or does anyone want to get one for him??  The poor little guy is so happy to have Scuba Steve back but I'm just afraid he will fall apart again!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowman Cookies

Last week, the boys and I made snowman cookies at Tristin's house.

I got the idea from my good friend, Betty Crocker!

Cody working very hard

(notice he had already taken a bite before he started decorating it)

It took a minute for Cade to get interested...

but only a minute.

Cody waiting for everyone else to finish so he could finally eat!

Cade was taking the longest and not making Cody very happy

The finished product.

I made this one, the boys' were not as well proportioned

Eating them was their favorite part!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Card Debut

It took me a while but I finally finished our Christmas Cards. They are being printed as we speak and I will get them back in a day or two. Most of my envelopes are already filled out so all I have to do is slip the cards in and toss them in the mail box.

If you don't think you're on my list, but would like to be...let me know your address and I'll be sure to send one to you too.

Here is what you'll be getting...

Actually, I think I'll just wait until you get it in the mail...I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise now would I???

Monday, December 01, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with yummy food



and naps...the poor kid ate too much turkey I guess

The kids loved having Nana, Aunt Chandler and Uncle Jonathan around for the holiday. I really love Thanksgiving but not just for family and food. Thanksgiving means only one more day until I can start decorating for Christmas!

It was supposed to rain all day Friday but the Christmas decorating gods were looking down on me and it ended up being a beautiful day. Perfect weather for my husband to get on the roof and hang lights.

and didn't he do a great job??

I was in charge of the inside and the Christmas tree

The boys had more fun with the bows

but then again, Cade has always liked playing with the bows

I love this season!