Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First trip to the dentist

Today Cody got to visit the dentist for the first time. We went to get his teeth checked and cleaned so he would get used to the dentist looking in his mouth. Cody doesn't always take to other people messing with him so I was a little nervous. Good thing I worked him up before we got there because he did great (much to my surprise). I really thought we were going to have a fight on our hands but he proved me wrong. He crawled up in the chair, opened his mouth, and let them do their work. (Thank you God!)

After he was done he got to pick a toy, a new tooth brush, and play with their very cool train set!

His dentist is called the Dental Depot so the whole theme is trains. He was in Heaven there! They have trains outside, around the walls and one even travels at the top of the wall around the whole building. It even goes in the bathroom which Cody thought was pretty exciting. I think that's why he had to go potty three times in thirty minutes!

The boys enjoyed the big train outside the best though!

Cody blowing on his new train whistle

Cade was very excited to play on the train too!

Cade has been really sick the past three days so it was nice to see him happy again! His fever finally broke today so we were able to get out and do something. He has been miserable with a fever as high as 104.5!! It was very scary and ended up being another ear infection. We finally got an antibiotic that started working and could bring his fever down!!

Here's Cade yesterday. This is how he had looked since Sunday afternoon!

What a difference a day makes!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

My mom is cooler than your mom!

As many of you know, and some of you who don't know, my mom is a 7th Grade Texas History teacher. She loves Texas History! When you grow up in Texas, it becomes your life. Literally in my mom's case since now that is her career!

The saying is true, Once a Texan...Always a Texan! I would give anything to move back there. I love it there so much and would love for my boys to one day live there. McKinly and Ty were lucky, they were born there and lived there for a time being. My boys however, have not yet got to experience what it's like to be a true Texan...poor, deprived children!

Ok, back to my mom...

She was recently nominated for an award for her school district. Obviously it was a Texas History Teacher award. She had to send in paperwork, have someone come and look at her classroom, look at her website, and all the other fun stuff that comes with a nomination of that sort.

Just this week, while she was teaching, she was surprised by a group of people to present her with her FIRST place award!

I know what you're thinking, my mom IS so much cooler than your mom!!!

If you want to look at her website or see the stuff in the paper here are the links!

I know you can say she's famous and stuff now...I mean she IS the coolest Texas History Teacher in her district! Please don't attack her by asking for autographs...she still has a life, children to teach, and me to think about!!! :)

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend Fun

This weekend, the weather was perfect. The boys got to play outside all weekend which was great because my house actually got to stay clean for more than five minutes!

Boys and their trucks

My little man walking

I guess he needed a little break

Cody fixing the wheels on his truck

Later that afternoon, we headed over to "grammy's" surprise 70th birthday party!
(Grammy is Laney's Grandma but the boys call her Grammy too! She loves it!)

I bought the boys a bubble machine to keep them entertained at the party and the kids stayed busy for hours!

Cade loved them

He tried catching them

Cody had fun trying to pop as many as he could

Then someone yelled "cake" and the kids left the bubble machine all alone

after they ate, they were back for more!

Sunday we had another birthday party and then Sunday dinner with my brothers. By Sunday night I was hurting pretty bad being on my feet all weekend but it was worth it.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here we go again!!

Well despite all the signs pointing to a girl, it is definitely NOT a girl!!

Yep, we're having another boy!!

I just don't think my body is capable of producing girls. I do produce good looking boys though I must say!

See, isn't he cute?

I'd show you the golden shot but I know he would hate me one day for it and I'd rather put off him hating me as long as possible. I'm sure there will be many years of that without me having to do anything!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

It's A....

I don't know what sex the baby is yet but we find out Thursday. Hopefully, if the baby cooperates! Part of me doesn't want to find out this time but I know the suspense will kill me so I'll have the ultrasound tech tell me!

Pray that it's healthy! McKinly will be going with me but that scares me a little because she wants it to be a girl so bad, I just don't want to see her face if they tell her it's another brother. The poor girl has three already, she just wants a sister so bad!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You're Ouuuuut!

A few years ago it would have taken a lot to get me really excited about something. You know, the type of excitement that would have you jumping up and down with butterflies in your stomach. The type that would cause tears to almost start flowing from your eyes because you just couldn't contain all your emotions!

Last night, however, two little words and the happiest three year old in the world caused me to get more excited than I have been in a long time.

Cody had a t-ball game last night. He's not the best player on the team, one of the reasons being he's one of the youngest. He has his moments when he'd rather be playing with the kids on the team rather than pay attention to the game. This is the case with most kids on his team.

Last night at his game, he was in an excellent mood. He played with the kids, did what he was told, and if you caught him at the right time he was actually paying attention to the game.

It was the bottom of the second inning (they only play three innings at this age), and the other team already had an out. Cody was in outfield behind second base when the ball came rolling in his direction. He ran up to the ball and grabbed it. He was so excited to get the ball he started jumping up and down and while doing so accidentally hit the kid who was running to second base. The umpire came over and called "you're ouuut!"

Cody didn't know what happened at first. He had no idea he just tagged someone out, he thought he was in trouble because of all the commotion he caused. The thing was, everyone was running over to him to give him hi-fives and a pat on the back.

It might have been an accident, he might have had no idea what had just happened, but when it was all said and done, he got his first out! It was so exciting to see him so happy, to see all the kids running over to him.

It didn't matter that we lost the game, what mattered was that my baby boy hit a milestone. I'll have to add this to his baby book. As soon as I get it caught up. I am still working on the pictures from his second birthday, I have a ways to go!!

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 27. However, if you ask my dad, I turned 28!

It was pretty much a normal day around here with the exception of a few surprises.

McKinly and Ty showed up in the morning with a Cheesecake just for me!

And when I say just for me, I mean they ended up eating it for breakfast. It was a special occasion, I don't think the kids eating cheesecake for breakfast is any worse than eating a chocolate sundae poptart. Which they don't get to eat very often, but every once in a while, McKinly slips a box into the shopping cart at the store...the little sneak.

When I got back from picking all the kids up from school, TJ had flowers waiting for me in the kitchen. (he already let me buy a new camera for my birthday a few weeks ago so the flowers were definitely a surprise)

Then we went out to dinner at Old Chicago. The kids all loved getting to go out to eat because we don't do it too often together. However, we have started to compile a list of all the places kids eat free and on what days. I mean, if we're about to have five kids to feed, we might as well know the places that will feed them for free, don't you think?? Fortunately, we have a pretty long list.

Cody, Ty, and McKinly coloring menus
(Ty is getting a haircut this weekend, I promise)

Cade enjoying his lemons. Notice the goldfish are untouched. He can't get enough lemons, weird kid!

And that's it, my exciting 27th birthday. I don't think it could have been any better!

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