Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

My family is in town for Spring Break so we have been keeping busy.

For St. Patrick's Day I made the kids Green eggs and Pancakes

Cody sure enjoyed it

Andrew and Meghan

Cole enjoying his green formula

 You're a little too young buddy, maybe next year

Look forward to a ton more pictures from our eventful week

Monday, March 09, 2009


There has been so much going on and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon!  I am exhausted, the kids are exhausted, and I just wish everyone would start feeling better soon.  There is so much to update on so here it goes...


A few days after our first trip to the ER, we had to make a second trip because the pain in his knee was unbearable.  He cried for hours so at about midnight on a Thursday night, I carried him to the car and we headed back to the ER.  I guess the first doctor who looked at the x-rays of his knee on our first trip, forgot to mention that we needed to go see and Orthopedic doctor.  The doctor we saw on our second visit said his knee should have been looked at by now.

Gee, thanks!

They gave us some pain medicine and the next day, his mom took him to see the orthopedic doctor who, after an MRI, confirmed that yes, Ty had broken his leg.  It is the top of the tibia where, when his knee was bent, pushed up against another bone and broke on impact.  Since it is in such an awkward place, he has to wear a long brace and keep his leg straight at all times.  He is not allowed to put any weight on it what so ever.  In two weeks he goes back, gets another brace, and will wear that for another 4-6 weeks.  JOY!

He is doing pretty well with it though, he likes his crutches but is a little bummed he wont get to do soccer this season.

Cody and Cade:

Cody and Cade went for their two and four year old check ups last week.  Cade is still not on the charts for his weight.  He only weighs 22 pounds fully clothed.  Cole weighs 17 lbs. 10 oz.  It wont be long before Cole passes Cade up.  They will be able to share clothes in no time.  Cade already has an appointment with a gastrologist on April 1st for stomach issues so we'll have them check things out and see if they see anything.  He's happy and seems healthy...just small.  I did notice he can still fit in some of the same clothes he wore around his first birthday though!

They did a little bit more for Cody's check up since he's four.  He did all the normal routine stuff but he also did an eye exam.  You know the ones where they read off the letters of a chart.  Well, Cody didn't do so hot.  His left eye could make out the shapes but not the actual objects.  We will be going to an eye doctor on Wednesday to see if we need to do something.  The doctor said he should just get his eyes checked before he goes to school.  I'd rather get them checked now so he can make any adjustments, if he has to, before school starts.

And for the finale of that doctor's appointment, all three boys were diagnosed with double ear infections!  Oh how fun!  Cade and Cole were put on antibiotics and Cody was given nothing besides a referral to an ENT.  He has been on four different antibiotics since January and he is still sick.  The doctor did some extra tests on Cody's ears and said it looks like he will need a tube in his right ear.

Since everyone is still sick, our night time routine involves this while they're read their bedtime stories...

Some like it more than others!


T.J. has been asked to speak at a few conferences now and even though it puts more work on his already busy schedule, I think it makes him feel really great that people want him to come speak.  He has already done one and has one coming up this Friday. 

 It has a lot to do with this...

I can't tell you how many people have called us and commented on his award.  One teacher said she has been trying to get that award for years!  There have also been a lot of people who have commented on the name of the award and said of course T.J. deserves it!

The start of this week isn't looking very promising either.  I didn't feel well at all yesterday and both Ty and Cole have been throwing up today.  Cole has only thrown up twice but Ty threw up all night long.  Just another virus that's going to pass through us all...again!

I think that is all for now.  My family comes in town this weekend for Spring Break.  I am very excited to have them all here.  It will be a crowded, busy house, but totally worth it.  What's an extra seven people when you already have seven living here??