Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

All I can do is say...I'M SORRY!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. We went out to dinner with friends on Friday night, swam all day Saturday, went to a Graduation Party Saturday night, swam all day Sunday went to Jen and Shawn's for dinner Sunday night, swam all day Monday and then headed over to my brother's house for some hot dogs Monday evening.

Everywhere we went, I forgot my camera!

Not once did I bring my camera anywhere with us this whole entire weekend. I could kick myself over and over. I never leave my camera, yet this entire weekend we went camera-less.

If I had my camera, I would be able to show everyone how much the boys love the water. I would have been able to show Cody swimming in the deep end by himself (with the use of his tube of course). I would have been able to capture Cade jumping off the side of the pool to T.J. and laughing hysterically. I would have been able to take a picture of my husband's fried back because he thought he was too manly for sunscreen.

If I had my camera, I would have been able to take a picture of Cody trying to puke in Jen and Shawn's backyard because for some reason he decided to put the stick to the bubbles in his mouth and swallow a bunch of bubble solution. We all know I would have taken a picture of him trying to throw up if I had my camera and then I would have proceeded to help my three year old spit out the remaining bubbles from his mouth! I really don't think he meant to do what he did, but who knows!!

And if I would have remembered my camera tonight at my brother's house, I would have been able to capture pictures from possibly our last dinner with them here in Oklahoma. He is moving back to Texas with my nieces. My brother and my niece, Keli are leaving tomorrow after school while my niece Chelsi is staying with us another week to spend more time with her friends.

Oh, and if that wasn't sad enough news...tomorrow is the last day of school! I have only one more day before there are tons of kids running in and out of my door for the next three months! One more day where at least for a few hours, my house is clean. One more day where I wont have to break up fights over anything and everything. One more day before I go completely mad! It's not just my kids here during the summers, it's all of them plus their friends!!! HELP!

You know how I'm spending my last day?? Cody, Cade and I are going to the Zoo with a little boy from Cody's baseball team and his mom! We want to hit the Zoo before school gets out and everything is so crowded.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Last weekend we went to Ty's end of the year soccer party. I got the team a huge cookie cake that was frosted like a soccer ball.

The black frosting wasn't really a problem for the older kids but by the time Cade was finished, we had black frosting everywhere!

Taste test to check it out

A little bigger bite

"What are you lookin' at?"

Handful of frosting

All Clean!

Here is the only picture I got of Ty with his team. They were having way too much fun and I barely saw him the entire night!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

I DO know what I'm talking about!

Ty has always had a problem about throwing or kicking things in the house. No matter how many times we have gotten him in trouble for doing so, he just can't help himself. He has broken numerous things...a light cover, a picture frame, a lamp, etc. and these are just things at our house. His mom's house has another list of items.

He gets in a lot of trouble when he disobeys us but when we're not looking, he still thinks he can get away with it. This is probably because I'm sure there have been a few times I haven't seen him and he has gotten away with it. I know he thinks I'm this horrible person who is trying to take all the fun out of his life but I have explained to him, over and over again, that there are reasons why I don't let him kick and throw things in the house.

When he breaks things, he has always had to do chores around the house to help pay for the broken item. He has had privileges taken away and on a few occasions been grounded from all enjoyment for days at a time (this one was because of the soccer ball he kicked inside his friends house and knocked down the curtains which resulted to a big hole in the wall...we are still nervous letting him go play over there).

Last night, Ty broke something that might make him think twice about kicking things in the house. He was at his mom's house and he went to kick a ball, he must have been trying to kick it pretty hard but he missed the ball and kicked the carpet. The skin around his toenail ripped all the way back and his toe began to swell. His mom cleaned it up and bandaged it but when she brought him over this morning it was starting to turn more colors than I even knew existed. Cathy and I talked about it and decided I would take him to the doctor just to check things out.

The doctor said we probably should have taken him in last night to get stitches but by this morning it was too late. He took an x-ray and discovered there is a small hairline fracture on the growth plate. He said it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. In the next couple of days, it will probably swell twice the size it is now and there are a list of things he is restricted from doing...we'll see how that goes!!

Ty was great at the doctor, letting him clean it up and take the x-ray (which he thought was pretty cool). After the doctor I went and bought him a new pair of flip flops that would be soft on his feet because the doctor said for the next couple of weeks that's all he can wear.

This is with the bandages on it so you can't see all the pretty colors it's turning

Now, I hope he has realized I do know what I'm talking about. I'm not here to take all the fun out of his life, that's just a perk!! We have rules for a reason. I'm not saying this is going to stop him, but at least he might think twice before he kicks a ball in the house again!! it wrong to make him do chores with a broken toe to pay for the doctor bills??

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Trip

Over Mother's Day weekend, the boys and I flew to Texas to see my sister perform in High School Musical 2. It was an added bonus that it just happened to be Mother's Day weekend and I got to spend the day with my mom.

Since the cost of gas is so high right now and the fact Cade can fly free, we decided flying was a better idea than driving. I think we figured the difference was only $50 and I would rather pay the extra money than sit in a car for 6 hours with two little ones by myself!! TJ had to stay here and get ready for his big AP test of the year.

Cody has been on a few airplanes before but this was the first time he actually knew what he was doing. He loved the "hairplane" and both the boys did awesome. I was sure to have plenty of snacks and things to do so they were never bored and I think the people around us appreciated it as well.

Cade waiting to load the plane

Cody on the "hairplane"

We were very busy the entire trip and half the time I forgot I even had a camera with me. I did get some pictures of the boys on Mother's Day with their Mother's Day shirts on!

We were supposed to fly back to Oklahoma on Sunday but when I went to check in online that morning I realized they didn't have Cody and I sitting together again (it was a hassle to ask people to switch with us on the way down to Houston, I wasn't looking forward to doing it again). So, I called the airline and asked what we could do and the lady found a flight that had two seats together but it wasn't leaving until Monday. Of course I jumped at the chance of getting to stay an extra day so the boys and I got to spend another night with my family!!

We had lunch with my mom and then when everyone went to the movies, we headed to a Mother's Day party with my step-mom. Cody was excited because he got to go swimming. Something we have yet to be able to do in Oklahoma because it's still pretty cold. Cade wasn't too impressed with the water but Cody had a blast.

Cody playing with the kids

Grandpa Buck cooked and there were tons of kids to play with. I'm glad our flight on Sunday didn't work out or we wouldn't have been able to enjoy the party!

Cody eating his corn

By Monday the boys were exhausted. We got up that morning, had lunch with my step-mom and headed for the airport!

Eating apples before getting on the plane

Cade was just happy to have his Chocolate Milk

My boys on their way home to see Daddy!!

The one thing I realized on this trip is that I have no idea how I will be able to handle three little ones on my own. TJ helps out a lot but there are times, like this trip, when I go by myself. They did great for the most part but there were nights, when they were tired, that they both just wanted to sit on my lap. I don't have enough room for three on my lap!! We'll make it work when the time comes but for now, I'm happy with the baby staying put in my belly as long as possible!!

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Allergy Results

Cody had his much dreaded allergy appointment yesterday. He didn't know there was anything to dread about it but I wasn't looking forward to all the testing they were going to have to do on him. He might be three but he's still a baby and how do you explain to him they are going to have to stick him with a bunch of needles??

We dropped Cade off with my brother around 8 am, took the other kids to school, and then headed for the doctor. I must have done something right because Cody did great. He did everything the doctor told him and even though he had HUGE crocodile tears coming out of his eyes when they poked him with 40 different needles, he never once screamed!

Although he is allergic to numerous things, his breathing issues shouldn't be as big of a problem as they are. So, the doctor sent us downtown to have a CAT scan!

Now, if you think having a doctor put 40 different needles in your child is bad enough, the idea of having your child being put through one of those machines is even scarier. The whole 20 minutes it took me to drive him downtown I kept thinking of how to explain to him what was about to happen. How do you tell him he was going to have to go with complete strangers to have this test done. I couldn't go with him because I'm pregnant and can't be around any of the radiation. To make matters worse, he fell asleep in the car on the way to the hospital! Waking up my child from a deep sleep is NOT an easy task!

When we arrived to the hospital, I carried him all the way up three flights of stairs. (they were working on the elevators). I told him the best way I could what was about to happen. He looked a little worried but as soon as the nurse came out to get him he just looked at me and said, "mommy, I be right back".

What?? Was that MY child??

About 10 minutes later I saw Cody walking down the hall with a smile on his face, a sticker on his shirt, and a big ol' sucker in his mouth. The nurse said he did fantastic. They even had to strap him down, head and all! He never complained and did exactly what he was told!

We drove back to the original doctor's office to find out the results. What they found was one of Cody's nasal cavities is smaller than the other. It's not his allergies that are causing him problems, it's chronic sinus infections because there simply isn't enough room for all that snot. (disgusting, I know) We were given this nose spray that is supposed to help make it bigger and then some sinus wash that I am not looking forward to doing but hey, if it keeps it clean and him sick free then I'm all for it. If this doesn't seem to be working after about 6-12 months then he might require surgery so let's pray it all works out!!

We got done with all the doctor stuff around 2, went and picked up Cade, and headed home for naps! I had to get Cody down because his day wasn't over yet. He had baseball pictures at 5 and a game at 6! Needless to say, we have done NOTHING today!

This is after the doctor! He was ready for a nap!

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

C is for Cookie

I need your help! I think we have decided to go with a "C" name again for our last bundle of joy. I figure since it is a boy it should go with the Cody and Cade theme! I know Ty's name starts with a "T" and that kind of throws things off but hey, as rude as it was, they didn't involve me in the name decision for him...hard to believe I know :)

We have a couple names picked out, one we are pretty set on but I don't want to make any final decisions until I hear what all is out there. We will even consider "K" names too! So, any help and that would be great! I would like it to be 4 letters too but I also know I can't be too picky!

So there you go, that's how the game is played!! Plus, if we decide to choose the name you came up with then there might even be something in it for you!

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