Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

I can't believe my little man is 4 today!  Unfortunately, he didn't have the happiest of birthdays.  He as been sick again, really sick.  We had already booked the bowling alley for Cody and Cade's party so Cody wanted to give it a try.  He had as much fun as his poor little body could take.

The theme of the party was bowling, obviously. 

I ordered the boys little bowling shirts with their names embroidered on them 

and bowling designs on the back

The cake was made by the same lady who made McKinly's cake (she does an awesome job)

Cody tried to have a good time, he really did

Cade had fun for the both of them

He decided he needed to keep score

Tasha came in town for the boys' birthday since she's about to move to China and we wont get to see her very often in the next two years :(

Tasha pointed out how cute it was that T.J. and I matched wasn't planned

Cole was a real party animal

Cody's wish was probably to stop feeling so crummy.  The poor kid has been sick for two months.

The kids are all in bed now and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  Cody deserved a good birthday.  I just hate that he was so sick.

Happy 4th Birthday big guy, hopefully next year you'll be able to enjoy it more!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My sweet TWO year old!

Today my little man turns 2!

I can't believe it has been two years since our little guy was born.

A lot has happened in the two short years of your life.

Not only have you grown up way too fast

You have also welcomed a little sibling into this world who you absolutely adore.

Sometimes you can have an attitude like no other

But your cuteness makes up for all the hard times

We sure love you little man!  We couldn't have asked for a better two years!

Happy 2nd Birthday Cade!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ty's Accident

I'm a little late posting this but it has been a long week so far.  And going to be a long post!

Sunday afternoon, Ty was outside riding his bike.  He wanted to ride over to his friend's house who lives in our neighborhood.  He has rode his bike over there many times.  It's not far from our house, takes about three minutes to get there on bike.

He left our house around noon.  At 12:40 a stranger came knocking on our door holding Ty like a baby.  He was crying (Ty, not the nice stranger).  Apparently, the family who brought Ty home had come home from church and saw Ty sitting by his bike.  They didn't think anything of it and went inside to change their clothes for lunch.  When they came outside a good ten minutes later, they saw Ty trying to crawl home.  That is when they knew something was wrong and they brought him to us.

At first we couldn't see anything physically wrong with him.  Ty was crying so hard and we couldn't get what happened out of him.  All we knew was he was in a lot of pain.  After a few minutes, he finally calmed him down enough to tell the story.

Ty had been riding his bike on the side walk.  He said he was riding pretty fast when all the sudden he was thrown off his bike with severe pain in his knee.  After a lot of talking we discovered that Ty had actually been knocked off his bike by a trailer hitch.  There was a truck in it's driveway with a trailer hitch sticking pretty far out the back.  Ty noticed the truck but not the hitch and was stopped by his knee hitting the hitch at full force.

No skin was broken but there was starting to be severe swelling.  I loaded the screaming boy up in the car and headed to the ER.  Test confirmed nothing was broken but he is still in a lot of pain.  He can not put any weight on his left knee what so ever and he screams if you come close to it.  He has now sat on my couch for almost 80 hours.  I carry him to the bathroom when he needs to go and that is the only time he gets off the couch.  Yesterday, Cathy came over and together we stripped him down and gave him a bath while he screamed, at the top of his lungs, the whole time.  It's not easy seeing him in this much pain.  If you know him, you know it's really hard for him to sit still longer than a few minutes.  So the fact he is bound to the couch says a lot.

Tomorrow he has an appointment with his pediatrician.  Hopefully they will refer him out somewhere where more tests can be run.  The swelling as yet to go down and the pain, it seems, is getting worse.  I can't help but keep picturing the poor guy crawling home.  He is in such pain and there is nothing I can do for him.

Our daily routine...

Notice the swelling in his left knee

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cody's Basketball Game and T.J.'s Big Award

Cody had his last basketball game of the season on Saturday and I realized I hadn't posted any pictures all season long.  

Here is a little video I took of him practicing before his game.

And here he is during his game. He is #35!
Obviously, traveling is not a penalty at this age!

Oh, and if you come across a USA Today tomorrow (Monday, February 23) go ahead and buy it.  My husband won an award and his name will be printed in this addition.  He was granted the Siemens Award which is given to one teacher from each state for their dedication to the Advanced Placement program.  We are very proud of him!  You can also see his name on their website.  Just scroll down until you see the list of teachers by state.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

This is going to be NO surprise, but I was late getting our Valentine's Day cards out this year.  In fact, I ran out of stamps once again, so half the cards are still sitting next to me as I type this.  Rest assured though, I will get them mailed out...even if they are a little late.

So, if you haven't received yours yet, don't's on its way.

I know you're all dying of anticipation so I'll go ahead and post the boys Valentine's Day card...

Go ahead, tell me how cute and adorable they are...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Boy Haircut, teeth, sickness, and twisters

I finally convinced T.J. that Cade needed a haircut.  When his hair started getting long enough to pull behind his ears, I figured it was about time.  Don't get me wrong, some kids look really cute with long hair, Cade just isn't one of them.  His hair is a little too wild to do that with.

He looks too grown up now :(

Now, if only we could just get rid of the Binky!

Cade isn't the only one growing up around here.  Cole has now cut three teeth.  Cody and Cade didn't cut their first tooth until they were closer to eight months.  Cole has two on the bottom and his top, left one broke through a few days ago.

Here are the two on the bottom, I don't have a picture of the top one yet

I can't believe he'll be six months in just 9 days!

Cody is still really sick.  He has been sick for over a month now.  It's not the same thing.  He has seemed to catch whatever has blown his way.  Poor little guy.  He is just miserable, his face is chapped, he doesn't eat much, and he's cranky...but who wouldn't be?  I know this is sad to say, but if any of my kids have to be sick, I would chose it to be Cody.  Besides being a little cranky, he actually handles sick really well.

Cade tried to make his brother feel better.  Cody was running a 103.4 fever at the time this picture was taken so he wasn't too impressed by his little brother's kindness!

We are starting a new antibiotic today so hopefully this one will help, the last one didn't do anything for my little man!

If you watched the news last night, you probably heard about the twister that came through Oklahoma.  If you paid closer attention, you probably were the ones who called when you found out it came right through our town.  We were not harmed in anyway.  We lost power for a little while and we definitely saw the tornado start to form right outside our house, but it didn't touch down until it was further north.  Only about five miles north though.  I was a little nervous because when it touched down because it wasn't far from McKinly and Ty's school...where they were still at!  All schools were on lockdown so I couldn't have gone to pick them up even if I had wanted to.

If you watch 3, you will hear them say it touches down right by Cheyenne Middle School...that is the school McKinly will go to next year.  It was that close!

Even though we were safe, we can't say that about some of our friends.  When the tornado touched down, it was on the ground for a good fifteen minutes and it decided to go right through their neighborhood.  If you see coverage of the tornado that touched down in Edmond, you will most likely see their street.  They show houses that were completely leveled.  Luckily, they only have minor damage compared to the few houses just down the street from them.

Hopefully we won't be getting any more tornados any time soon!