Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Weekend

It's been a long time since I've been on here! We have been busy with the end of school, baseball, Uncle Jon's graduation, Uncle Jon's wedding and TJ and the kids just left on a plane to Chicago about an hour ago.

Last weekend we drove to Houston to watch Uncle Jonathan and the now Aunt Jilli get married!

My niece, Meghan (the flower girl) at the rehearsal

Meghan and Me at the rehearsal

The Fab Four
(Leslie, Chandler, Me, and Jon)

TJ and Me

The kids playing after the wedding

Cole enjoying the reception dinner...or in his case, rock candy

Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Jilli dancing
(sorry so blurry, my mom didn't know how to work my camera)

Cody dancing with Mommy

Cody and Tasha dancing, obviously she has cooler moves than mommy

Holding his sparkler for the bride and groom to run through

We had a very fun weekend, but Cole decided to be a should I put it...BRAT all weekend so it made it a little stressful!

We're headed back down to Texas this weekend since TJ, Cody and McKinly are in Chicago. I'm sure we'll have a ton more pictures to share after that!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

you know it's time for a haircut when...

one moment Cole is sporting the ever so attractive comb over look

and the next he looks like this...

nothing like the "sticking your finger in the light socket" look.

We'll be going for a haircut this weekend.

Cinco de Mayo

My boys have always watched Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go. They have actually learned a lot from them. They know their colors, how to count, how to say open and close, etc.

One thing they have NOT learned is what language they're actually speaking...

Cody: "Mama, it's Cinco de Mayo today. The people who celebrate this day speak Dora."

Apparently, I should mention to them that "Dora" is not actually a language...

Monday, May 03, 2010

Jonathan's Graduation

This weekend was awesome! We got to have tons of family in town and best of all, we got to see Uncle Jonathan graduate college!

Funny story...because let's admit it, when my kids are involved something is bound to happen:

So, we are sitting there in the graduation ceremony and I have tons of snacks with me for the little ones to keep them quiet. I gave Cole some Goldfish to keep him quiet during the prayer. Well, just my luck, when it is silent in the entire auditorium, Cole starts gagging on the handful of Goldfish he shoved in his mouth and starts spitting it up back in my hand! Now, I know they're "the snack the smiles back"...I just didn't know they were "the snack that comes BACK up".

Needless to say, I took Cole out and let him run around the hallway while I poked my head through the door in order to see my little brother walk across the stage!

Did I mention he graduated Cum Laude? Well, he did!!

Three of my brothers with Cade and Cole

Cade and Uncle D

After the ceremony, Cole held the door for everyone to come out

Ok, it was propped open, but don't tell the little guy. He was very proud of himself.

Uncle Jonathan and Grandpa Buck...not sure who is goofier?

Cade needed a picture with his Uncle Jonathan!

Have I mentioned how proud we are of you, Jon??